Waiting Well (Free Bible Study Download)

Have you ever found yourself in a season of waiting? Maybe you’re waiting on a car, waiting on a raise, or maybe even waiting on a vision to manifest, and it’s taking just too long to come to fruition! Let’s be real! Our timing isn’t God’s timing and we may begin to grow frustrated on the path to the promise. Well, I’ve come to share, that you're not alone! I’ve waited on degrees, relationships, careers, you name it…I waited. And I am currently waiting, but I strongly believe it’s not the wait that truly matters, but it’s what God is manifesting and molding in you during the wait. The strength and fortitude that’s developed in this crucial season is far greater than what you’re waiting on. So the question is, what is "waiting well"? Want the answer? Download this month's study to find out!

Genesis Dorsey