Women, you are bold!


What a wonderful time to be a woman in 2017. This last inauguration displayed just how divided, not only we as people can be but, our nation as well. Something made me very proud after the inauguration and that was a unified body of women. Women who together marched for what they believed in. These women demonstrated quality values, strength, and beauty. Women coming together collectively to say here we are, we are serious and hear us roar! I'll tell you what it also demonstrated and showed to America; we are highly emotional, tenderhearted and we desire love. We want to be loved and even though we want to be treated as equal we still have a sense of needing and belonging. It's sad that in 2017 we still have to fight to show who we are. There's such beauty in us and, there's even more beauty that we have Christ inside of us. Christ makes us equal, everything they (all humans) can do we, as women, can do too.

The wonderful thing about us having Christ is that we get to show up and be bold and be the light in times where there is darkness. We get to show up and demonstrate we are believers and people are going to look to us to find out how they're supposed to be. What wonderful time in 2017 is it to reintroduce yourself to show who you are for Christ to show who you are boldly as a women and to show who you are as a leader. This is the time! This is the place to be! There's no other country I would rather be in right now then the United States of America. Would you? This is the time that everyone gets to see who we are and what we're made up of. In case you didn't know you are strength, you are boldness you are purposeful, and you are awesome!

You have re-introduced yourself to be none other than who He says you are and that you have a purpose. Pick up your crown put it on your head and walk boldly and say here I am!

FaithKyla Pruitt