Where's grace when you need it?


My, am I happy for the grace bestowed upon me. Are you? How much time do you spend thinking of how much wrong you've done? How much stuff you should be doing? How much better you should be? How far behind you are? If you're anything like I used to be - it must be a lot. I spent a lot of time comparing myself and beating myself up for the messed up situations or for being stagnate. One day, I came to the realization that I'm human. I thought to myself, sure I've missed it - but I love me! Last year - one of the greatest and purest forms of love for me has been the power of giving myself grace. Every day we wake up with the opportunity to do and be better. We get the chance to make it right! We have the opportunity to love and cherish ourselves while forgiving ourselves for yesterday. I have learned to see myself as a vessel that's constantly being filled up.

We are changing with each moment, instance, obstacle, and situation. We're learning what it means to be a human, person at our age, a student of life; and that requires grace. Knowing you're doing your best even when you feel like you're completely messing up! We allow grace. One thing we must do is consider the growth and development we've had over time. We must accept that our lives are simply elements and moments made up of experiences and trial and error. That's it. Of course, choices play a part in it, but even in that, grace fixes that! Do you believe you're amazing? Do you believe you're not the only one that made a mistake? Do you know it's never over if you're still learning? Be forever grateful and always offer yourself grace. You're going to need it.