Revamped to the Core!


When it comes to starting over and starting fresh there's so much to consider. Often, the thought of revamping something seems complex and troublesome. So much so, that we sometimes don't start because we're discouraged in the mental process. We talk ourselves out of the very thing we desire the most. Progress. We seek progress, increase, and to thrive in areas where we feel stagnant. We want all the perks with no hard work - at least that's what it seems. We often forget that nothing comes without struggle and nothing is easy when it comes to a revamp. Here's something to consider:

To the core of you, you'll always be revamping. There's no use or resisting because the change is inevitable. You'll always be looking to grow and excel in life. There's nothing wrong with the struggle, in fact the struggle alone is what changes your inside. Think about working out and transforming your body; the process starts inside, way before it's reflected on the outside. You may struggle daily to stick to the plan, but you're aware that the outward result will reflect because of the inner change. This is similar to growth and starting over. What seems painful at first, eventually becomes habit and logical. The decisions you make to change your course may take a while before you can visibly see a change, but you instantly begin to feel better. Once you course correct, that change begins to take place and the route becomes easier.

This is how you revamp. Be and stand confident in your change, your lifestyle, and your decision to revamp. Don't be discouraged by the process because the results will reflect the inner revamping process. Know that starting over and being refreshed is what will allow you to be liberated! Remember that a revamp is vital to success and forces you to learn which inevitability produces growth!

You can do this!

Your biggest fan,


FaithKyla Pruitt