Our Future Is In His Hands

I know there are many things that may come our way and it feels like it is the end of the world. But we have to remember who holds our future in his hands. We are daughters of the most high God and there is none like him my sisters. I am in a season of transition right now and it somedays I don’t know how I am going to make it. I’m in a new place, a complete strange land. God has called some of us (myself included) to go places where we know that there is no other choice but to rely ONLY on him and we know that when God tells us to do something we as his children know it’s best to be obedient to what our Heavenly Father is telling us to do. So I want to encourage you as I am encouraging myself to “Let go and Let Go” and trust and know that he will not leave you nor forsake in your “season of transition” in whatever he is calling you to do. Whether it’s leaving that job, relationship, moving to a new city or state, letting go of people, places and opportunities. We must understand that when God is calling us higher in HIM we must “SEPARATE TO ELEVATE”. Is it easy? No. But God will never give us anything that we can’t bear. Continue to stand on the promises and the word of God. We serve a mighty God who will supply each and every one of our needs PLUS WAY MUCH MORE. So smile my dear sweet sister and trust and know that God is more than able. I encourage you to mediate on (Jeremiah 29:11) Keep that promise on your heart and know it by remembrance. Keep on seeking the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you. I know that this seems like “basic” knowledge but I know that this will help someone on today. Keep pressing and growing deeper in God. Abba Father has a purpose and a plan for you. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirt and let it be you’re guide.

FaithShanikqa Canty