It's nothing wrong with being vulnerable


Usually, when I write a blog, I write about things that I have dealt with in the past and I can provide an encouraging word to lift up anyone who may be dealing with that particular topic. Well, in this blog I want to talk about something that I have been dealing with currently. I want to open up in a different way to you, my new, and dedicated readers a more vulnerable side of me. Some may ask, "Why tell all of your business?" but I don't care about that. It's nothing wrong with opening up sometimes, it may be the moment you will be set free. Now I wrote previous blogs about me making a commitment to God and how I will be patiently waiting for God to send my soul mate, well this honestly has been a really hard journey. I know they say during your single time you should focus on yourself and build yourself up, but In this particular season I have been really having strong desires to be in a relationship and feeling a real genuine romantic love. Sometimes it hits me so hard that it makes it hard for me to be happy sometimes for others. I am always wondering when will it be my turn. I know I am not the only single person who has or is going through this. I know that God does not like these feelings and I know that he has someone for me and I have to wait. Patience is definitely something that I also struggle with and we all know that's not a good combination. I do have a few accountability sisters who know more in depth but I can say that having them has been very helpful. They speak some great things that will take me out of my moment. I know when I am at a really low point, I can call any of them. I've been praying for contentment in this moment of my life because I don't want to result in settling for anything because I am feeling lonely. For my singles, I don't know if you are in the same stage as me in your time, if you are I can suggest to get accountability. This can be a friend you can trust, someone in ministry you can trust or a family member you can trust to help you and uplift you I your down times. Trust me it works. You don't have to do it on your own, and you are not alone. Pray for God to choose the right people also, because not everyone can be assigned to that task. If you are reading this and just started your season of singleness, it's not to scare you but trust me if you are deciding to wait on God it may or may not be easy. Everyone's seasons are different. But just pray and ask God to guide you and protect your mind and heart. Our thoughts can create a lot more than we intend, and our imagination will have us all in our feelings. Finding contentment is so important and that is why I have such a struggle in this moment. I am learning a lot in the journey about myself, and you will too, so stay encouraged and keep going because I am! 

FaithKatherine Owens