Money makes the world go round?


Okay It's that time again! You know, the time where people get to flash, make all their dreams come true, reset; you get it now? It's called tax season and typically people have been waiting on it since last year. I want to introduce you to a concept or maybe an idea to work towards. How long can you keep your tax return or at least 50% of it? How much money can you put aside each check. Can you learn the rules of money? Sadly, when people obtain a large amount of cash, they tend to spend or pay debt, but how many people are investing it?

On average, people have spent their tax return before it was made available to them. Similar to checks, they're gone before it's received. They've obligated it to the future with no thought of today. I recently wrote an ebook entitled "Why You're Broke" it walks you through the financial concept of money and how to maintain it. It's important to identify the role of money and understand that having money doesn't solve your financial issues, it simply decreases your growth financially. If your habits are bad, it doesn't matter how much money you make, you'll never keep it. That's a sad reality that many people miss. If you're wondering why or how you're unable to maintain money you have to evaluate your habits and deal with the reality that you're lacking. Whether you're lacking skill or money there's a disconnect. I find that disconnect is directly related to the mindset. We have an improper understanding of our financial footprint. A financial footprint tells us how long our money can last and how far it can go without us adding to it. We often live in deceit unable to recognize that we're breaking rules that aren't meant to be broken. Money has principals and no matter how much money you make the rules will always apply.

You must budget, save, and invest your money. You must pay your bills, invest in others, and set money aside to pay yourself. You have to spend money for today, not tomorrow. It's critical to identify your baseline necessities and how much money is coming in your household and how much is going out concerning your finances.

Don't live in oblivion concerning your money. Ask yourself daily what your financial goal is? Research the best saving institution for you. Pay yourself every paycheck and pay yourself with every tax return. Build an emergency savings account and be sure to evaluate your financial progress quarterly.

If you can master the rules you'll never be broke another day in your life. For more, see!

Your biggest fan, KylaNicole.