It’s amazing how two people can come together and create a beautiful life together. The two become one. The one is now a whole new creation. Instead of being just a couple, you are now Mr. and Mrs. That’s awesome! Now that you’re married, who are you? Do you know? If you don’t, here’s a little help. You’re his best friend. You’re his lover. You’re his peace. You’re his help meet. You’re an earthly extension of God. You’re his minister. You’re a reflection of him. You’re his forever. You’re his good thing. You’re his wife. You’re the Mrs.

Interestingly enough, your closest friends and family know who you are. They know who he is. But, what happens when you run into someone that doesn’t know? Maybe they mistake you for someone else or they choose to remember you as they knew you as opposed to who you are now. How do you handle that? What do you do? I’ll tell you what you do. You reintroduce yourself.

Don’t be offended. Don’t be upset. Flash a joyful smile and tell them who you are. Let the beauty of the Holy Spirit within you create an aura of awe around you. Shake a hand. Share a hug. You are fabulous and who you were doesn’t matter. All that matters now is who you are. All that matters is what God has done in you and for you. All that matters is the beautiful creature you are now.

Yes, everyone will know who you were. You will have scars and reminders of who you were. But, now…Now, you are a new creature. You have evidence that you have been touched and blessed by God. You have a new life. You have a new name. You have a new attitude.

Cherish what you’ve been given. Never stop thanking God for where you were, where you are, or where you’re going. You wrestled with your past and you won. You’ve been granted a new identity as a reward. Congratulations, hun! Here’s your time to shine. Say a prayer, send up some praise, and reintroduce yourself. You are no longer Miss. You are now Mrs. and your future awaits.