Have you arrived?!


2016 took everyone through some changes. Some good, some bad, and some still mind boggling but as it stands; we've all made it and I think brought some really valuable lessons along the way. I know I could go on and on for days about the many lessons I learned but out of all of them all, my identity stuck out the most to me. 2016 showed me who I was. What I really was made of what I really tolerated spiritually. You see, I believe we've been called to go and grow higher this year concerning who we are. However, we can't do that if we haven't yet identified who we are. I think we sometimes focus on our behavior wondering why things happen or why we can't stop certain things from happening. I've learned that the behavior we manifest is a direct manifestation of what we believe! Your belief and behavior coincide most often. There are many times I believe we hide behind the shadows of our Christianity afraid to be different, or express individuality because of the backlash that may come with it! My answer to that is: So what, stand out anyway! Truthfully, that's what we've been called to do right!?

This year, I believe in my heart that your stance is directly tied to your blessings. How you believe, and what you walk out character wise will tie into your prosperity. Why? Because the manifestations come based on how well you're able to exercise your faith! You can't activate your faith without believing it to be there in the first place! It is true that you need to be able to be bold and unashamed! You need to be able to make the stance to those around you that you're different. Notice, I didn't say judgmental, I said different. Judging someone is your stance that you're better and have done no wrong. Being bold and unashamed is your stance that you have a standard and you're not afraid to say you have it.

As you move through this year, being prosperous, being bold, and watching your dreams manifest remember that you're new! Your identity is set and all you have to do is walk out your faith, witness, and character so you can see the manifestation.

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