Grace in this Season


During the holiday seasons, there are a mass amount of emotions that’s stirring on the inside of us as individuals. For some of us, the emotion is pure joy and bliss, while for others the emotions range from sadness and depression to jealousy and even envy and strife. Others may be experiencing loneliness or remorse for things that may have happened in our lives throughout the year of 2016. No matter which state we’re sitting in currently, our main focus should be to give the Grace in this season that we want allotted to us. The truth is you never really know what the next person is going through. And just like God extending grace to others may be the cover that is needed for them right in this moment. And as the NLT version of the Bible states: Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins. Think about that for a moment, we are called to just love on the next person the same way we wished to be loved. And when we show Love, Grace, Mercy you never know what seeds you are planting in that person’s spirit. Someone who is already a happy person may perk up even more because of your Grace for the day and your small act may cause that person to share even more love. The person who is jealous will hopefully feel the love you pour into them and hopefully realize that love conquers all things. The person who is sad or lonely may have been waiting for a feeling of love in order to believe that they aren’t alone. No matter the encounter where you extend grace to others I also believe that same Grace will be extended back to you.

Recently at work, a member of management began to act as if we the employees of the company were under her skin for whatever reason. And as we always do as employees we felt the negativity and the change in the atmosphere just from this one person’s energy shifting. As a result it caused some of the employees to react bitterly or hasty towards the member of management, but I reminded them as I had to remind myself that this time of year stirs up different emotions in different people, and the truth is you never know what this time of year stirs up for this manager. Her patterns were the same this year as they were last year even though there is no emotion that should make you treat others with anything other than love. Let us be reminded that we have to give others the same Grace that we would want extended to us. If we were the person whose energy shifted or temperature changed due to the season we are in we would want people to still show us a level of Grace for our actions. Let each of us remember that the truth is if we love on people the way that we want to be loved that love will be what is returned to you. The love and Grace may not always come from the source in which we gave it but if you are sowing seeds of love they have no choice but to Harvest and grow into an abundance of love that you don’t have enough room to receive.

Live in Love and Watch it Return to You 100 Fold.

FaithSherry Cain