God Breaks the Great

Is it just me, or does it seem like right when things are going great something else happens that makes the three steps you just took forward seem pointless? It makes you want to scream right???
I decided to quit my full-time teaching job to focus solely on what God has preordained me to do, and ever since that happy day, it seems like it's been a mistake and nothing but constant catastrophes... These days all I want to do is quit because it just seems like nothing is going the way I need it to go. You see what I just did there??? I turned God's plan into what I thought it should be and what it should look like. In that moment I had to check myself and put things into perspective. I had to realize that what I am experiencing is a test. My daddy is testing me and training me up to be the woman he designed me to be. The obstacles and oppositions I am facing are necessary! There has to be a breaking!
Think about all the great people in the Bible that God used. They didn't have it easy. They all went through some kind of breaking before they fulfilled their purpose. Joseph went through a whole lot before he made it to the palace. He was the favorite son, handsome and had the gift of prophecy. However, God "broke" him by taking him from the good life to the pit and then to jail. Joseph could've given up and quit but he decided to stay faithful through it all.
Looking at Joseph's story we have to remember to trust God and the process. When you find yourself like I did remind yourself that God is in control in spite of what may be staring you in the face. God uses the negative things in your life to bring about His perfect purpose!
(Gen 50:20)
Just because you have favor doesn't mean you're immune to opposition!
FaithNastassia Rena