Well now, there is no reason to be shy if you want a man and do not have one. Women seeking a relationship may find that it is not so easy to find the man of their dreams. As always, it is helpful to analyze a subject or problem to come up with a solution. If you want a man and do not have one, buckle up and hold on! We’re about to take the train of love into your desired destination. In an effort to make this easy, this article is divided into three parts. Each part builds upon the previous part, so it is important to go through each one before you move to the next. Each part is also relatively short, but the greatest work will happen in your heart in your private time later on in prayer (hint: there will be prayer).


Let’s start with these three truths. Accept them and do not fight the revelation that they each bring to the table. Eat the word and it will become a part of you (Jeremiah 15:16). Digest the word and it will change your life.

1) You are complete with and without a man (Genesis 1:27). 2) A man’s purpose is not for you to “get” him (Genesis 1:26). 3) Marriage is God’s idea (Mark 10:9; Ephesians 5:31).

Therefore, we have learned that we are made in the image and likeness of God. – I Love to Love by LaShawn Draper

Read over those three points again and ponder the scriptures associated with them.

Once you are done, move onto part two.


Now it’s time to work on getting closer to God and understanding His love. Women who suffer from insecurity, shame, and pain are not quite ready for a romantic relationship. The reality is that you will bring all of it into the relationship and future marriage if you do not clean up your heart and act. Did you experience the childhood absence of your father? Did you find that people did not love you as they are commanded to in scripture? The only way to handle the baggage is to throw it out: confront and counteract it.

You see the feeling of love is what overflows on the inside and spills over to someone else. – I Love to Love by LaShawn Draper

How do you confront it? Be honest with yourself. How do you counteract it? Make it a point to accept God’s love. Love heals pain, restores, and covers sin (Proverbs 10:12).

I can hear you screaming, “I don’t know how to do that! What do you mean?” Actually, it is quite simple. Communicate with God and ask Him to help you with your issue.

Pray this prayer:

Father, I thank You for the love that You have for me. I thank You that You made me to be like you in the beginning. I pray that I embrace who You are as a Father and your love within my heart. Let your love clean and restore my heart to peace, confidence, security, and wholeness. Bless me with the spirit of love and cause my heart to over flow with love that will touch all with whom I interact, in Jesus’ name! I receive all of this now. Amen.


Now that you have a foundation built and have begun to work on your heart, you are ready to “get a man.”

Here is the formula: You + God + Preparation = Wife.

Become the person you want to come into your life and pray for yourself and him too. Additionally, prepare your home, image, finances, and health to be a wife. Did you read that sentence correctly? Yes, you did! The bonus is with you to be a wife before you can meet a man suitable for a relationship. You must be ready for the demands that the relationship will require. No man wants a woman who is not clean or unprofessional etc. So work on everything! Nothing is too small to be improved when it comes to your life and habits.

“Love is the essence of who God has called us to be.” – I Love to Love by LaShawn Draper

Are you ready, royal lady? There is a man for you and he will find you. As you go forward, feel free to repeat the steps in each part over the next few months.

Cheers to your love life!

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