Forget the Past

"Remember ye not the former things,  neither consider the things of old."- Isaiah 43:18 Glory be to God for new chances and a bright future!  No matter what your past looks like,  the King of kings has a way of washing us clean and giving us a fresh new start. He can take a moneymaking drug dealer and transform him into a souled out minister. He can take a a pimped out prostitute and turn her into a Proverbs woman full of joy. The Word says not to remember your past. Why should we forget it?  Because God has! Your Father says that He will blot out your transgressions (read: sins,  mistakes, iniquities) for His sake and will not remember them (Isa. 43:25). He does not desire for you to replay your slip ups over and over. God can see far ahead and knows your potential. He knows your heart and your thoughts. He knows that you are above only and not beneath. He knows that He called you out from the world to partake in the building of His Kingdom and to glorify Him!  Man has the tendency to take our failures and highlight them. People dig up our bad choices and throw them in our faces constantly. We can do 99 things right but they will showcase our 1 wrong for everyone to see. Sisters,  live your life as what is pleasing to God. Stop going back in time to mourn about the fights you used to start. Forget about the nights you used to party like a rock star. Release yourself from when you were caught up in fornication with different men. Close the chapter of when you we're a thief. You aren't that woman anymore! The Lord says to you in Isaiah 43:19 "Behold I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth... " When you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you were born again!  You've got to run forward into your future without looking back at your past. You can't change it anyways because what's done is done. There are no do-overs or repeats. Forget the past as your Father commands. The reason why He wants you to forget it is because your enemy wants you to recall it so you will give up. Satan is the accuser remember?  He sits around reminding you about your past and accusing you of never being better. But I decree you are BETTER!  Declare this: "I will not let my past slow me down. I won't remember it. The old me has died and the new me is growing into exactly who God has called me to be! " May the Lord bless the hearers and doers of His precious Word.

-C.J. Clark

FaithGenesis Dorsey