Discerning the Change in Season


As we go through life it is important that we pick up spiritually when the changes in season are about to occur. For the last few months I and many other Christians that I've conversed with have felt a little under the weather and not on point with what it is that we know God has called us to do. So with that being said I want to encourage someone that there is a new season upon us and with that new season comes a fresh new identity to how every thing around us looks.

Can your feel it ?

It's important that we (myself included) always stay in tune for the next move of God and the fresh thing that he wants to do in our life. And to open our spiritual minds and hearts to be open to what he is bringing us into in this new season.

Here is a list of several things that I've done recently that has ushered my spark back.

  1. Being still enough to hear where God is trying to lead.
  2. Fasting and Praying for direction and mental clarity.
  3. Working on the last thing God told me to do and scheduling time for it even when life knocks us on our butt and we aren't feeling it.
  4. Surrounding yourself with the team of people who get your vision and where you are going in life. (Sometimes the right church is the only team we have for those who don't have the Spiritual Dream Team).
  5. Preparing for the new season because you can feel it upon you.

Sis, God is definitely shifting in this season and I hope and pray that we all sense that he has some amazing things right around the corner for us as women, as mothers, as sister friends, as wives, and as business owners.

You are Valuable and God Promises you Ephesians 3:20.

Love you with the love of God.

Your sister in Christ

FaithSherry Cain