Bloom: Women Arise Conference


From the perspective of a renewed spirit!

The Girls of Royalty conference started on Friday. Due to my schedule, I could only attend Saturday's event. I had it all planned out. I would fly in, fellowship with my GOR sisters, and then come home and write about it. By writing about it I meant I would talk about the workshops and what we all gathered to learn. Boy, was I surprised when I realized that wasn't the "experience" that God wanted me to write about. Don't get me wrong, the experiences were amazing. We learned a lot about prayer, healing, finances, career growth, plus more. However, the atmosphere was EVERYTHING! I'm going to let that sink in... it was E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

From the moment we started with prayer at 9 am until with ended after the alter call at almost 11 pm God's presence was all up and through that place. It was a time for the unexpected to take place. It was the chance for "first time ever" to happen. Every single willing vessel was used on Saturday. I heard good things about Friday night. If it was anything like Saturday then I know that no one left the same unless the completely closed God out.

Genesis Dorsey, the founder of Girls of Royalty, has created a heavenly atmosphere that welcomes God's presence to completely have his way! He flooded the room with His sweet sweet spirit. Hearts were changed, lives were changed, passions and visions were renewed, and souls were saved. Yes, women gave their hearts to Christ but old believers also were freed and God was let in. God was let in to take every single burden that we're carrying away from over. Every burden that was stopping us from completely walking in our purpose was given to God and LEFT with God.

Bloom was the conference where God said, "Enough is enough!" It was the conference where he planted a seed and said, "If you let me have my way in your life then you shall BLOOM!!" Regardless of what the situations look like around you, God will bring you forth because your seed was created to bloom. You, sweet soul, were made to rise up out of the ground and bloom. New seeds were planted and old seeds were put back in place so that could do a new work and birth greatness.

So you weren't able to make the conference? That's okay. Every single soul that Girls of Royalty touches and their families were prayed for. Oh, the prayer! The prayer was glorious. God spoke so much life through his prayer warriors. So much new life. Prayers were said that stripped insecurities, burdens, pain, hurt, rejection, laziness, and fear! Those dark spots on our souls were replaced with love, the kind of real love that only God can provide. Next year will be bigger and even more life changing!

FaithCrowned Admin