The road to marriage is one of preparation. Becoming whole and content as an unmarried woman mandates work and diligence. In the same spirit, here are a few things to stop doing now if you want to be viewed as "marriage material” and want to be a lady of grace and favor. STOP BEING SELFISH Relationships require that you give and receive. Giving should always occur before receiving, as a closed hand cannot take anything in at all. Selfishness is anti-love and self-seeking in its nature, but a generous woman has her arms full with love.

STOP BEING PETTY The insignificant moments, words, and mistakes that others make should carry no bearing in your mind, attitude, and future. Being petty draws a wedge in relationships and makes you look immature and unhappy with your own life. Kill the pettiness and search for and focus on what really matters.

STOP BEING RUDE You set yourself up to be alienated when you are constantly rude to people. No one likes an ugly attitude and a woman with no class. Kindness is not just for your family and friends, although you have meaningful relationships with them; you are to show kindness to people who add to your life in little ways as well. Being mean and demeaning to the cashier, waiter, or receptionist puts you in the unappreciative, rude lady category. Get out of it now.

STOP PUTTING OFF GOD'S AGENDA Your life has a purpose. Okay, yes, it sounds cliché and over-used in our world and within Christianity to some. Indulge the thought for a minute. You are here to contribute to the world and be an expression of God (Genesis 1:27). Wisdom (God) has said it and it is your time to shine (Matthew 5:16; Mathew 6:33). This statement is just the beginning of great things if you begin to take the journey today. Understand that when you carry God's agenda through fulfilling your purpose, you are developing yourself to be a wife. Your purpose will require you to get to work and in the end you will attract the right spouse who knows his purpose too (Ruth; Esther; Amos 3:3).

Experience God's grace manifested in you! Become a woman who of power, grace, and favor who is ready for marriage!

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FaithMiracle Haynes