Be Grateful


"In every situation - no matter the circumstances be thankful and continually give thanks to God!" 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Gratitude means thankfulness. To be thankful means that you're pleased and happy with what you have. It means you are counting your blessings, noticing the small and simple pleasures of life, and acknowledging everything that you receive. When you’re grateful it not only pleases God, but it shifts your focus from what you don’t have to how much you do have.

Today’s society is so caught up on what you don’t have. Society is so self-consumed and so busy trying to “keep up” that we forget to give thanks for what we already have. But how can you give thanks for what you have when you’re too busy complaining?

Instead of thanking God for the job, you have you’re complaining about going to work or the pay. Instead of thanking God for having a place to stay, you’re complaining that your house is too small or out of date. You look on Instagram and see someone with a new car, or you see that someone is on vacation out of the country, or even seeing someone get a promotion makes you feel some type of way and you begin to complain about the car you have. You complain that you never go anywhere, or, you’re complaining that you’re never recognized.

Nobody likes a complaining woman! You are where you are and you have what you have because of what comes out of your mouth! Be a grateful woman and begin to thank God for all He has done and for what He’s going to do. How can God bless you with more when you're ungrateful with what you have? I guarantee once you begin to start focusing on what God has given you your outlook on life will change. You will begin to thank God for that small house, because when you do He will bless you with a bigger house! I dare you from this day forward to be grateful for everything you have... Remember, in all things be grateful!

FaithNastassia Rena