Marriage is a beautiful thing, hopefully, created by love. There is a special grace for wives who honor their husbands in love in spirit and by action. In honor of love and in the pursuit of grace, here are a few things to remember to share with your husband.

  1. I LOVE YOU These three words should spark appreciation and endearment when spoken together. Leave a note or tell him that you love him right before he leaves home.
  2. I BENEFIT FROM YOUR PRAYERS Remind him that prayer is essential to the life of a Believer. You need his prayers and any prayer he says for you will hit you directly, as you are part of him (Mark 10:8).
  3. I RESPECT YOU Respect builds self-esteem and without it, a relationship suffers.
  4. I AM YOUR CROWN He is the head and you are his crown of beauty (Ephesians 5:23; Proverbs 12:4).
  5. I ADORE YOU Give your husband a sweet word of encouragement. Let him know how special he is to you.
  6. I NEED YOUR ATTENTION Gently remind him to spend time with you and to give you his ear.
  7. I AM HERE FOR YOU Every man needs support from his wife. Remind him that you are a safe place for him to seek and trust.
  8. I WANT TO FEEL SECURE Share with him how much commitment means to you. Your security in your marriage matters and your thoughts matter too. Your ring should be a symbol of love and your security with him.

If you have not noticed, the reminders are listed in an order that interchangeably addresses needs for you and your husband. Use these reminders here and there to inspire more love in your marriage. Let these reminders fan flames of godly love and intimacy between you and your husband, culminating in trust and a lasting marriage. May the grace for a loving, enduring, and beautiful marriage be upon you this day and forevermore. Selah and amen.

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