5 Minutes With God


Title of Devotional: #5MinutesWithGod Length: 5 Days

Type: Email

Author: Genesis Dorsey

Many of us desire to have a stronger relationship with God but our inconsistency in communication with Him is horrible. Let's just be honest. We have insane schedules that leave God outside of our hearts. Yet, when all hell breaks loose, we instantly open the door and urge Him to come in and FAST. The issue with all of this is that we forget that God is ALL about this one thing: RELATIONSHIP.

Let's make it a goal to connect with God for at LEAST 5 minutes. You can go longer but it's the idea that we must establish and form habits in our spiritual walk. If we can make it a routine to clean our bodies through a shower each day but not our hearts, we need to prioritize our lives. All you need is an email inbox and you're good to go! This devotional includes daily emails as well as some audio encouragements!

Genesis Dorsey (Founder)

About Author: Genesis Dorsey has a passion for connecting people to one another and to God. As a woman just in her early 20’s, she has already established herself as a powerful connecting force in Branding and Ministry. She is the founder of Girls of Royalty and the owner of Gigi and YouNeedGigi.com.


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