Valentine’s Day is not a holy holiday (biblically based), but it is widely celebrated. Seeing other couples holding hands and other women receive unexpected gifts can cause some feelings of resentment – especially among unmarried women. Avoid the blues this Valentine’s Day! Here are three Valentine’s Day hacks to free your emotions from pain and the longing for a relationship. HACK #1. BUY YOURSELF GIFTS Who says that you can buy yourself a treat? From perfume to a ticket to see a Broadway show, you can give yourself a gift that makes you excited! For more ideas, check out a few fashion magazines or take a walk through the mall. If you like technology, a new tablet or watch might suit you very well. Girls of Royalty has a few cute gifts in the store if you want something inspirational.

HACK #2. RANDOMLY SEND “LOVE LETTERS” Write a two to three line letter to relatives and mail them off to your family members. Remind them of God’s love and your love too! Part of beating the blues is to focus on others and forget about your personal circumstances.

HACK #3. GO OUT FOR A VACATION AWAY Book a hotel room and spend a couple of nights away. Try searching for the best deals using hotel booking sites. Feeling guilty about the splurge if it is a five-star hotel? Remember, love started with God and is in you (wink).

HACK #4. GO FOR A MAKE-OVER I personally love a full face of make-up. Hire a make-up artist and get your make-up done! Reintroduce yourself to the world with a new hair-do and flawless make-up from a professional. Take a few photos and oh, do not forget to tag Girls of Royalty when you do! Use the hashtag #girlsofroyalty.

Love is divine (1 John 4:8)! To be loved will always be a marvelous feeling. Make your Valentine’s Day a lovely one and one that reminds you that you are loved. We can’t wait to see your photos!


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