God has given you the power to walk in the best no matter what your circumstance has been in life! His promises mean more than anything that has been said to or about you. This month, begin to make this your reality by fortifying your romantic relationship with a new armor. Keep reading! The third point is more important than you think. TIP 1: RESPECT The basis of respect is to ensure the dignity of each person involved in a relationship and to facilitate the relationship’s longevity. Show more respect for your mate and he, in turn, will feel more appreciated. What does this mean? He will feel the need to do more for you and you will find that your relationship has grown and improved.

TIP 2: OPENNESS Openness encourages new experiences and personal enjoyment throughout the relationship. You learn more when you are open and there is a greater potential for a meaningful connection.

TIP 3: PRAYER Need we say more on this subject matter? Our communication lines with God should never become weak. Pray in the morning, pray in the afternoon, and get your spouse or significant other to join you for joint five-minute prayer sessions more. Part of getting the best is asking for it in prayer (wink).

TIP 4: THOUGHTFULNESS Relationships that go the distance have thoughtfulness to back them. Think to do something special for your mate every day and make it meaningful. For married women, take his car out and fill the gas tank up. Leave a small, appropriate love note in the car for him to find later. For women who are engaged or in a relationship, pick up his favorite beverage from the store or café and surprise him with it.

TIP 5: GIVING Give a gift to your significant other for thirty days straight! See how he blushes and gets excited to see you every day. Give and you will receive. Selah.

The best is already in your hands and you have the power! Share the best with world through your relationship and do not forget this one thing: it really does not matter what others have said about you (wink).

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